What are the duties and responsibilities of a staff nurse?

Nursing Duties are:

Registered nurses typically add hospitals or patient facilities, wherever they supply active care to patients by administering medications, managing endovenous lines, observant and observance patients’ conditions, maintaining records and act with doctors.


The staff Nurse is that the 1st level skilled Nurse within the hospital set up. Thus by look and by word she’s going to be skilled in any respect time.

She will be proficient nurse, giving knowledgeable bed aspect care to patient and death penalty special technical duties within the special areas like operation theatres, medical aid unit, extremely dependent unit etc. She additionally act as ‘de facto’ sister as and once state of affairs arises within the ward or department.


She will assess the requirements of the patients within the ward and create medical care arrange for all patients consulting with ward sister.

She will provide direct patient care (bed creating, dynamic of bed sheets, mouth care, back care, bed bathing, hair wash, dynamic of position etc) and assigned care to her by the ward sister.

She will full fill all basic wants (hygienic would like, nutritionary would like etc) of the patients.

She will offer comfort to the patient and maintain safety of the patient.

Where can you work as a RN?

Even you need to know things like where you can work as a RN. The RN stands for registered nurse. They add hospitals, physicians’ offices, home tending services, and medical care facilities. Others add faculties or patient clinics, or serve within the military. Home health and public health nurses jaunt patients’ homes, schools, community centres, and different sites. There is no border or limit for a nurse they can work in any medical environment. The nursing profession is also called noble profession.

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